The 17 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Many people rush headlong into affiliate marketing with the goal of making thousands of dollars in a short time, and retiring early. We hope this article has given you a good idea of what to look for in an affiliate program and which are the best affiliate programs for you. There are plenty of great options in our list, and now you can easily find one that helps you kickstart your affiliate income. It offers a wide variety of different products and services from 1,000 merchants who sell both physical products as well as services. With all these options available it won’t be hard to find something that is relevant to your audience. There are many ways to make money with affiliate marketing but not all methods work the same.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Rakuten, as the name somewhat suggests, is a Japanese affiliate marketing program. They acquired LinkShare back in 2005, making them one of the biggest affiliate programs on the planet. To join an affiliate network or affiliate program, you simply need to apply to the individulal program on a company’s website, or sign up on the page of an affiliate network. For individual, in-house programs, you’ll typically find a link in the footer section of their website to guide you through the process. Affiliate programs are offered by product or service providers to increase their own sales, while helping their promoters earn money at the same time.

Making Sure You Choose the Right Niche

As with other marketplaces, your earnings depend on the product category. For instance, you can earn a 4% commission rate in the fashion category. On average, eBay Partner Network affiliates can expect 50% to 70% from sales and auctions. With this affiliate program, you can promote new and used products, which helps expand your target audience. Moreover, eBay provides reporting tools to help the eBay Partner Network affiliates optimize their business results.

  • CJ also offers analytics and reporting tools that allow affiliates to track their performance and optimize their promotions.
  • Pat started affiliate marketing in 2010 and has made more than $3 million in the process.
  • They have a tiered program that pays generously — including $50 for just one sale, and $100 for six or more.
  • Finding the right affiliate marketing programs for beginners can help you be able to afford to live the way you want to.
  • After signing up with Impact, you get access to a marketplace where you find top brands and contact their affiliate managers directly.
  • In addition, the company offers passes for non-stop journeys within the Flixbus network.

However, the commissions are so low that it’s not an affiliate program we recommend for those who want to earn big. It offers many bonuses, ranging from $0.20 for free trial registrations to $25 first-time signup bonuses for writing about the service and using the affiliate banner ad. Plus, all affiliates are equipped with adequate marketing tools and support. Usable assets include links, banners, deep linking, caption templates, newsletters, promotions, and an extensive database of over 3,500 products. An affiliate partner can join this program and earn commissions from completed subscriptions, registrations, and questionnaires.

CJ Affiliate Program

Yes, you can make money from affiliate marketing by earning a commission for every sale you make through your referral links. As an affiliate marketer, you connect customers to merchants through your referral links. It’s important to understand the affiliate marketing program’s commission structure and payment terms. A decent affiliate marketing program should offer competitive commission rates and reliable payment options.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

This section will list affiliate programs with high-income potential that are suitable for beginners. Furthermore, we’ll also provide you with each program’s stats, including its pros and cons. One of the advantages of promoting Shopify through the Shopify Affiliate Program is that Shopify is a well-known and trusted brand in the e-commerce industry. Additionally, Shopify offers a variety of features and tools that can help businesses create successful online stores. Rakuten Marketing offers a variety of commission structures, including pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click. Commission rates vary depending on the advertiser and the product, but many advertisers on Rakuten Marketing offer commissions of 10% or more.

Proven Ways to Make Money Online: Start Earning from Home Today!

It has a good reputation in the industry because it has been around since 2008. Its reporting tools are much more polished than the tools of many other programs listed on this page, and its support is also quite responsive and helpful. That’s what makes it successful and a good affiliate program for beginners. First of all, you can earn up to $150 per referral depending on the service provider whose services you’re promoting.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

AvantLink also offers great customer service and detailed tracking of your sales. Impact Radius is a great option for affiliates who want to promote products from multiple advertisers. Impact Radius also offers great customer service and detailed tracking of your sales. FlexOffers is a great option for affiliates who want to promote products from multiple advertisers. FlexOffers also offers great customer service and detailed tracking of your sales. In affiliate marketing, businesses reward affiliates for each customer or visitor brought to their websites by one or more affiliates.

How Do You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?

Affiliates can also opt in to participate in periodic challenges to earn more money. With this program, marketers pay their own money to promote affiliate offers on search results or other online advertising platforms like Facebook Advertising. This is a great option for marketers with an SEO background and want to A/B test to see which ads result in the most referrals — and ROI.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners