How to File a Paid Family Leave Claim in SDI Online

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Pfl Claim Leave Insurance provides New Jersey workers cashbenefitsfor time off from work to bond with a newly adopted or newly placed foster child. While most New Jersey workers who take family leave are covered under the State’s family leave program, some employers provide Family Leave Insurance through a plan with a private insurance carrier instead. If you are not sure about your coverage, ask your employer. Family Leave Insurance provides New Jersey workers cash benefitsto bond with a newborn, newly adopted, newly placed foster child, or to provide care for a seriously ill or injured loved one.

How do I file a PFL claim in California?

  1. Step 1: Gather Required Information. You must provide the following information to file a PFL claim:
  2. Step 2: Register and Create an Account.
  3. Step 3: File Your PFL Claim Online.
  4. Step 4: Attach Additional Documentation Required.
  5. Step 5: Completion of Your PFL Claim Filing.

The PFL is an insurance program in California that also goes by the name Family Temporary Disability Insurance. Lawmakers enacted the PFL in 2002 to extend unemployment disability benefits to employees who take time off work to care for ill family members or to tend to the needs of a new child. Benefits include up to six weeks of partially paid time off per 12-month period.

What is Paid Family Leave?

You can your claim usingSDI Online or by submitting aClaim for Paid Family Leave Benefits by mail. See how much you can get every week with the Wage Benefit Calculator. While you can protest unemployment insurance rates and benefit charges, you cannot protest the SDI withholding rate.


If you are an employer with employees who work in San Francisco, you may need to supplement employee wages if they receive PFL benefits for bonding with a new child. For more information, see the Paid Parental Leave Ordinance with San Francisco’s Office of Labor Standards Enforcement. The state of New York amended its workers’ compensation law in 2016 to include a new PFL program for employers who are based in New York and employers who have one or more employees working in New York. Benefits under this new PFL law became payable on January 1, 2018. To receive Family Leave benefits in one continuous period, you must notify your employer 30 days’ in advance of the date you plan to start your leave.

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If your form is not properly completed or all the supporting documents are not received, we will not process your claim until all the information is obtained. To file a PFL Care claim online, you must complete and submit sections one through five of the SDI Online application, then download and print theClaim for Paid Family Leave Care Benefits from the link on your confirmation page. Complete all portions of the DE 2501FP and submit no later than 41 days from the date you wish to begin your bonding claim. If you filed using a paper claim form, the DE 2501FP will be mailed to you in a separate envelope. The first day you are unable to work due to your family leave isthe date your claim can begin.

In November 2021, Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation to further strengthen Paid Family Leave by expanding family care to cover siblings in 2023. Please check with your insurance carrier for details on when this goes into effect for your policy. For employees who work for self-insured employers, coverage begins January 1, 2023. Please keep in mind that claim forms must be submitted within 30 days after the first day of leave. Please retain a copy of each submitted form for your records. You also need Part D – Physician/Practitioner’s Certification of theClaim for Paid Family Leave Care Benefits completed and signed by the care recipient’s licensed health professional.

Is California PFL part of the State Disability Program?

Providing the brochure Disability Insurance Provisions to new hires and when employees first tell you they need paid time off from work due to a qualifying event. You should expect to receive a weekly benefit amount of about 60% to 70% of what your weekly wages were five-to-18 months prior to going on leave. An essential need or qualifying event relating to the foreign military deployment of your spouse, registered domestic partner, parent, or child. The new COVID-19 Quarantine Order DBL and PFL benefits are available after the exhaustion of any applicable paid sick time. As a note, insurers who provide statutory disability insurance had to include coverage for New York PFL effective January 1, 2018.


When you have recovered from delivering your baby and after your final DI payment is issued, we will send you aClaim for Paid Family Leave Benefits – New Mother.

For workers who don’t qualify with a standard base year, we have other ways of calculating a base year.Click here for more information on these alternate base years. To qualify for Family Leave Insurance in 2023, you must have worked 20 weeks earning at least $260 weekly, or have earned a combined total of $13,000 in those four quarters . To qualify for Family Leave Insurance in 2022, you must have worked 20 weeks earning at least $240 weekly, or have earned a combined total of $12,000 in those four quarters . If you want to submit a digital copy of a document, use a free mobile app like Adobe Scan orDropbox to transform a mobile phone picture into a high-contrast, black-and-white PDF file you can print and fax. If you’re not sure how to answer a question, check out our FAQ orForm Look Up for more information.

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