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The AION token is essentially designed to allow developers and buyers to transfer from one blockchain to the other easily. Not only that, but AION provides for the execution of data transfers and smart contracts on blockchains like Ethereum and NEO. The main purpose of The OAN is to facilitate interoperability between different blockchains, thus allowing users and developers to create a variety of applications. By making the AION token the core of the network, OAN enables users to execute smart contracts, store data, and share it between different networks. If you would like to know where to buy Aion at the current rate, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Aion stock are currently Binance, Bitrue, KuCoin, XT.COM, and Pionex.

Keep in mind that there is no way to predict the future with 100% success, and past performance is no guarantee of future results. Moving averages are a popular indicator in all financial markets. The purpose of a moving average is to smooth price action over a certain amount of time. Moving averages are a lagging indicator which means they are based on previous price action. In the table below you can find two types of moving averages, simple moving average and exponential moving average .

What is the all-time high (ATH) for Aion?

The project’s founders and other team members were allocated 40% of the initial total AION token supply, while 51.5% of the tokens were channeled to Token Release Schedule Contracts. These tokens will be gradually released to the public over time. These are the project website’s metrics based on Ahrefs Rank. They’re used to trace website activity & growth within the project.

Is Aion (AION) Trending Lower or Higher Sunday? – InvestorsObserver

Is Aion (AION) Trending Lower or Higher Sunday?.

Posted: Sun, 26 Feb 2023 15:42:28 GMT [source]

Market cap is measured by multiplying token price with the circulating supply of AION tokens . The lack of interoperability between blockchains is still one of the factors preventing the technology from entering the mainstream financial world. AION aims to create a platform that will effectively be able to replace the current way banks are running global finance.

Current Aion market cap?

Regulations, adoption by companies and governments, cryptocurrency exchange hacks, and other real-world events can also affect the price of AION. The market capitalization of Aion can change significantly in a short period of time. We also gather additional information from different sources to make sure we cover all necessary data or events. The most active and popular exchanges for buying or selling AION are Binance, Kucoin & Kraken. Find more crypto exchange options on our Crypto Exchange Tracker.

Does Aion coin have a future?

AION Price Forecast for 2031

Market experts expect that in 2031, the Aion value will not drop below a minimum of $0.159984. The maximum peak expected this month is $0.189981. The estimated average trading value will be at the level of $0.159984.

According to the Aion Price Prediction model above, AION’s price in 2032 would be $2.78. According to the Aion Price Prediction model above, AION’s price in 2031 would be $2.12. According to the Aion Price Prediction model above, AION’s price in 2030 would be $1.62. According to the Aion Price Prediction model above, AION’s price in 2029 would be $1.23.

AION Price Forecast for 2027

Any ,text or other content on this page is provided as general market information and not as investment advice. Aion’s price for 2033 according to our analysis should range between $2.91 to $4.36 and the average price of AION should be around $3.64. Aion’s price for 2032 according to our analysis should range between $2.22 to $3.33 and the average price of AION should be around $2.78.

It’s also important to pay attention to the color of the candle – a green candle means that the closing price was higher than the opening price, while a red candle tells us the opposite. Some charts will use hollow and filled candlestick bodies instead of colors to represent the same thing. Traders also like to use the RSI and Fibonacci retracement level indicators to try and ascertain the future direction of the AION price. Aion’s 14-day RSI is at 20.24, indicating that AION is currently overvalued. For the last 7 days, AION has been in a good upward trend, thus increasing by 7.46%. Aion has shown very strong potential lately, and this could be a good opportunity to dig right in and invest.

The price of Bitcoin is $22,358.08 and BTC market dominance is %. The price of Ethereum is $1,565.22 and ETH market dominance is %. The best performing cryptoasset sector is Yield Farming, which gained 1%. AION is traded on such platforms as DragonEX, Binance, BCEx, and a few others. The cryptocurrency can be stored in the official AION wallets with versions for different operating systems.

Thus, before making any moves using the AION tokens, make sure to check the aforementioned Aion price chart. It’s important to note that current XLM Aion market capitalization is $3,494,495, Talking about circulating supply, AION has 501,505,081 coins. Just like with any other asset, the price action of Aion is driven by supply and demand. These dynamics can be influenced by fundamental events such as block reward halvings, hard forks or new protocol updates.

The’s market Price changes in percent within the last 24 hours . There are currently 501,505,081 Aion coins circulating out of a max supply of 501,505,081. Aion is the #1079 largest cryptocurrency by market cap as of March 03, 2023, with a market cap of $3,498,633 USD. When trying to make a Aion forecast, many traders also try to monitor the activity of AION “whales”, which are entities and individuals that control large amounts of AION. Since the Aion market is relatively small compared to traditional markets, “whales” can single-handedly have a big influence on Aion’s price movements.

How many Aion coins are there in circulation?

There are 516.68M coins in circulation of Aion.

The most recent Death Cross in the Bitcoin market happened 418 days ago, on Jan 09, 2022. Meanwhile, a Golden Cross last occurred on Nov 24, 2021, which was 464 days ago. Sep 28, 2017 was the day when the Aion blockchain network had its very first block, approximately 5 years ago. Over the last day, Aion has had 0% transparent volume and has been trading on 43 active markets with its highest volume trading pairs being . Please also note that data relating to the above-mentioned cryptocurrency presented here are based on third party sources.

⚡ What will be the Aion price tomorrow?

The total supply available for purchase during the token sale was 465,000,000 AION. Once upon a time, people believed there would only be one blockchain. But one-blockchain maximalism soon proved to be a shortsighted belief. Without forking and new chains, experimentation was extremely limited and led to the creation of hundreds of blockchains adapted to fit a specific need. According to the Aion Price Prediction model above, AION’s price in 2033 would be $3.64.

As you can see over the past 24 hours Aion’s price has witnessed a -16.40% decrease and over the past 30 days Aion has decreased by -96.84%. So it all depends on if this investment will hit your trading goals. BitDegree Crypto Learning Hub aims to uncover, simplify & share cryptocurrency education with the masses. Based on the Learn and Earn principles, crypto newcomers, students & researchers are enabled to gather core crypto knowledge by ETH collecting incentives while they learn. Join millions, easily discover and understand cryptocurrencies, price charts, top crypto exchanges & wallets in one place.

In 2020, he started working on Moves, an app designed to stimulate the booming gig economy. Aion is the token used to secure and access The Open Application Network . Launched in 2018 in Canada, The OAN is a public network available to everyone. Managed by The Open Foundation, a registered not-for-profit organization, OAN aims to give the public an environment to create Open Apps.

The aion coin price supply of Aion coins fluctuates around 502 million tokens. OAN is a revolutionary cross-chain blockchain protocol designed to solve blockchain network interoperability problems. The project came onto the scene in 2018 when the blockchain industry started experiencing rapid growth. It’s a third-generation blockchain platform aiming to create a space where various blockchain projects can communicate and where developers can create Open Apps. Thus, OAN proposes the development of a networked and federated blockchain that integrates blockchain networks that would otherwise remain non-interoperable.

  • We recommend that you exercise extreme caution and consult a registered investment advisor before taking any action.
  • It’s not just about exchanging cryptocurrency or converting it when paying for services.
  • They are presented to you on an “as is” basis and for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind.
  • An RSI reading under 30 indicates that the asset is currently undervalued, while an RSI reading above 70 indicates that the asset is currently overvalued.

According to the Aion Price Prediction model above, AION’s price in 2028 would be $0.94. According to the Aion Price Prediction model above, AION’s price in 2027 would be $0.71. According to the Aion Price Prediction model above, AION’s price in 2026 would be $0.54. According to the Aion Price Prediction model above, AION’s price in 2025 would be $0.41.

Jin Tu, CTO of the company, has immense experience in the corporate engineering and blockchain industry. Charts Explore more data on the digital asset markets with comprehensive graphs. The percentage of Binance customers who increased or decreased their net position in BTC over the past 24 hours through trading.

Aion aims to become a glue connecting different blockchains and keeping them together despite the fact that they are built securely on different architectures. There is no technical infrastructure for this connection to provide communications and transfers across the networks. Aion came up with a technical solution and offers the infrastructure of this type. CryptoRank provides crowdsourced and professionally curated research, price analysis, and crypto market-moving news to help market players make more informed trading decisions. If you’re looking for a set of practical and insightful crypto market information and data, we have the analytics tools to suit your business needs. The global crypto market cap is $ with a 24-hour volume of $.


For exclusive discounts and promotions on best crypto wallets, visit Crypto Deal Directory. OAN combines Delegated Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Importance consensus mechanisms to secure the network. Besides, it also uses Byzantine Fault Tolerance to reinforce additional security.

Aion aims to support future blockchain platforms and solve some critical problems which the blockchain industry faces nowadays. Aion joined Blockchain Interoperability Alliance backed by ICON and Wanchain, the main goal of which is the promotion of interconnectivity between the isolated blockchain networks. This metric can be used as a predictive indicator of the asset’s future market capitalization. Therefore, it is impossible to accurately predict the price of Aion 5 years from now.

Initially, the algorithm was called ASIC-resistant, but the mining gear has developed since then. The Everest version of Aion launched a DPoS-PoI hybrid consensus mechanism employing Validators and Backers. If Backers stake the computing power or AION, the validators distribute rewards when a block is validated. This scheme of action was developed for balancing financial and computing power.

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